The Food

We cook dinner for our guests and others from Tuesday to Sunday @ 7:30
It is usually a 3 course meal but can also become a big communal dish cooked on the fire!!

For me it was very important to have a big communal table and to offer Dinner almost daily. 

Well it has been very well received by our guests but also neighbours, guests from other guesthouses or fellow chefs. I think I am a "feeder" in the closet!!! I find cooking for someone or many the food that will give them sustenance but also pleasure on the way to be a privilege.

I have access to the freshest of fish direct from Kalk Bay Harbour so this is what I prefer to serve at my table but we are of course very accommodating to those who prefer a more carnivorous meal!! For the rest, we try to cook and bake as mush as possible here on the premises using only the freshest of products.

I cook 4 nights and Janine cooks the other 2. Janine is a very talented cook, she learnt my recipes and added her little twist sometimes...